Notre histoire

Stuck in the daily work commutes and always dreaming of our next ski holiday we gave in and quit our engineering and marketing jobs to live the dream!

Newly engaged and with our love of food, hosting and being in the mountains it only seemed natural in 2008 to make the move to Morzine and combine our passions.

Our journey started with us hosting, cooking and running Mountain Spaces for the first two years, which we absolutely loved.

We married in Morzine in our second summer in 2010 and having travelled the world separately took the opportunity on our honeymoon to see the world again together. This time along the way learning, creating and watching for little bits of inspiration to take back with us for Mountain Spaces to flourish.

The rest, as they say is history! We now have 3 beautiful children and today, 13 years on we still welcome guests from back in our early days (which makes us very happy!) It’s so important to us to make your holiday unforgettable, somewhere you want to return and tell all your friends about!

This has been an incredible journey for us.

We hope to see you soon.

Chris & Kate