Top Ten ways to prepare for your ski holiday

Mountain Spaces 10 year anniversary

To celebrate our tenth year, we’re going to list our Top Ten ideas, products or destinations at the start of each month of the winter. During the month we’ll cover each one in a little more detail and at the end of the month we’ll announce our favourite.

To kick of our Top Tens for this winter we’re starting with pre ski holiday preparation. So in no particular order, here we go:

1. A trip to the Xscape Snow Dome.

Before we moved to France this used to be my favourite pre holiday warm up. Such a good way of checking your kit is all there and working and a great way of finding your ski legs again before you hit the slopes for real.

I always used to go to the Xscape Snozone in Milton Keynes and come away fired up ready for holidays. As close to the real deal as you can get!

2. Ski specific exercises and stretches

Our friends at Mountain Rehab in Morzine have a handy video covering a series of stretches and exercises to run through in the lead up to your holiday. Skiing for six days straight, even if you’re relatively fit puts a lot of strain on muscles that don’t get used that often so a little pre holiday exercise can go a long way.

Not only that they also offer sports massages and treatment in our chalets if you need the legs loosening after a couple of days in ski boots.

Get fit for your winter holiday with Mountain Rehab from Mountain-Rehab on Vimeo.

3. Retail Therapy

Everyone loves some shiny new kit, Ellis Brigham is a good bet is it offers the best of both worlds in that you can order online and they’ve got a really good spread of shops around the UK so you can go and try boots and clothes on. They’ve got a great range of ski and snowboard products.

4. Joe Wicks Body Coach Training

More of a general fitness focus but we’re huge Joe Wick’s fans. He’s got a great YouTube channel with loads of well thought out and approachable videos based on high intensity interval training, most of them are only 20 minutes or so long. The science behind the idea being that brief periods of high intensity exercise are as effective as much longer periods of steady state exercise such as jogging at a steady pace.

A great way to generally get in shape without spending hours on the treadmill, Joe was also spotted skiing last year in Morzine!

5.Ski and Snowboard show

A great event to get you excited about the season over the October half term, they’ve got loads of live events and previews of this year’s new kit. The show runs October 26th 29th at Battersea Park, London. London Ski and Snowboard Show


This ones more of a long term strategy for getting more flexible and stronger. These guys are all about body weight exercises, range of motion and flexibility. Their website and Facebook page are great resources for assessing what your body can and can’t do and what you can do about it.

There are some quick and simple gains to made if you’ve left it too close to your holiday to get all bendy and there’s some longer term strategies that you’ll need to stick to to see results. All in all just a really good programme to figure out how your body works.

7. Ski and Snowboard tips and tricks

Two sites to check out, one for the skiers and one for the boarders, I’ve spent more time looking at the snowboard site but both are really good at breaking down tricks and techniques into progressions that are easy to follow.

There’s something for everyone from simple flatland ‘butter’ style tricks, park tips and tricks to take to natural jumps and drops. There are tips and suggestions for things you can try at home before you leave for your holiday as well as being a good source of inspiration!

8. Jerry of the Day

More of a guide of what not to do on holiday! Lots of the ski bloopers that do the rounds on social media come from Jerry of the Day so you’ve probably seen lots of their videos without realising it.

A good reminder that at some point during your ski week it’s probably going to go wrong and it doesn’t matter because a)it’s supposed to be fun and b) everyone does it at some point.

9. Apps and Maps

The Portes du Soleil website has links to their app available for iOS and Android. They’re not perfect but they are worth downloading for the latest updates on which lifts and areas are running, snow reports and the piste maps. We still use it if it’s snowing hard or windy to check which routes home are open and which areas of the resort are reporting the best snow.

10. Book your Mountain Spaces holiday

The single most important piece of holiday prep. BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY!! We’ve got some great winter offers available in our chalets and ten years of experience to help you book and enjoy the perfect holiday.

Morzine Snow December 2017