Stuffed Rolled Loin of Pork

Stuffed Rolled Loin of Pork with Potato and Parsnip Gratin
Part I 

Next up for the taste test is a delicious roast pork with an amazing apple and parsley stuffing and a twist on the French style potato gratin.


Rolled Stuffed Loin of Pork (4 good size servings)
1 kg rolled loin of pork (off the bone is easier to deal with)
– For the Stuffing
1 slice of wholemeal bread
1/2 eating apple
1 onion
100g lardons
2 cloves of garlic
handful of parsley
cinnamon (tiny sprinkle as can be quite over powering)

Method for the Pork

Toast the slice of bread and blitz it in a blender into crumbs, toasting it reduces the risk of the stuffing being too soggy. Add the remaining stuffing ingredients and blitz, it should end up with some texture but should stick together well, don’t over-do the cinnamon as it’s quite a strong flavour, a small pinch is plenty.

Take your loin of pork and remove any string that the butcher has used to keep it together, unroll it as far as possible then slice through the thickest part to further open out the joint.


Use a rolling pin and cling film over the meat to flatten the whole joint out to about 2 cm in thickness. It should now look like a flat rectangle of roughly even thickness. Take care not to bash it too thin or it’ll break when you roll it.

Take your stuffing mix and using your hands spread it over the rolled out joint, it should cover pretty much the whole surface about 1.5 cm deep. Have your string ready to re-tie the joint then roll up the pork and stuffing (left to right in the picture) and secure using the string, about 5-6 wraps round should be ok.

Rub the outside of the roll with olive oil and season, go easy with the salt as the lardons in the stuffing can be quite salty already.

Make sure you clean up properly after this section as raw pork should not be allowed to remain on surfaces and utensils.

Pre-heat your oven to it’s max temperature and sear the joint for 20 mins then reduce the temperature to 180 Deg C, 30mins for every 450g. Pork should NOT be served pink, the stuffing will help keep it moist if you do over do it a bit. If you have a kitchen thermometer the interior temperature should be 75 Deg C.


Use a little cornflour mix with the juice in the bottom of the meat tray with some water from any veg you are cooking to finish off with a delicious gravy.

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