With winter fast approaching we’re hard at work trialling new recipes for the chalet for the coming season. Loads of our guests ask for recipes after their holiday so we thought we’d share a few on our blog.

In this post is a delicious  hearty pea soup with crusty croutons and crispy bacon, definitely a contender for an entrée on this years menu. Enjoy!

Delicious Winter Pea Soup

Ingredients (4 good size portions)

1 onion
2 potatoes
500g frozen peas
100ml creme fraiche
150g streaky bacon
1L vegetable stock (a good quality stock cube will be ok)
olive oil
a good quality wholemeal loaf unsliced


Peel and chop your onion and add to a decent size deep pan with a knob of butter and a glug of olive oil. Wait for everything to start to cook and sizzle then add a splash of water to stop the onions becoming coloured. Keep everything moving for 10mins or so or until the onions are soft.

At the same time bring your stock to a simmer, peel and roughly grate the potatoes and add it to the stock and let it simmer gently.

Add the frozen peas to the onions and keep stirring for a few minutes until the peas are defrosted and begin to soften.

Carefully pour in the stock and potato mix followed by the creme fraiche and stir everything together. Simmer gently until the peas begin to loose some of their bite. You don’t want them overcooked and mushy but you also want the soup to be lovely and smooth when it’s blended.

We find it easier to use a hand held blender in the pan you are cooking in rather than a food processor, this way you can taste and season and check the texture of the soup as you go. Once you’re happy turn the heat down to just keep it warm.

Tear some 1 inch cubes off the loaf of bread and toss them gently in olive oil, toast them in a thick based pan turning regularly to stop them burning. Once they’re done put them to one side and cut up you bacon into French style ‘lardons’ and fry until crispy in the same pan.

DSC_0722 (Large)

Serve with the croutons and bacon lardons in the centre of the bowl. The soup should be just thick enough that the croutons and bacon sit just on the surface.

You should get the lovely flavour of the peas with potato making it a more hearty filling winter soup and the croutons and bacon adding a bit of crisp witha tasty, salty punch.

Just to make sure,we do eat everything we trial for the chalet which is a hard job but someone has to do it!

Coming up next, plat principal (main course)