Rafting on the Dranse

The sun’s been out for a while and it’s been getting up to 30 odd degrees in the shade! Really hard to keep beer cold but ideal weather to get wet and enjoy the melted snow.

000_0490 (Large)

We drove out to AN Rafting’s base just outside of Morzine looking at the river running alongside the road thinking it looked way to rough and the rafting must be downstream only to arrive and find that, that was the exact bit of river we were heading for…..and that the previous nights summer storm had swollen the river from 15 cubic meters a second to 50! Time to dig out the armbands and possibly rubber duck then!

000_0433 (Large)

Our instructor/guide/river guru introduced himself as Stephan but said we were welcome to call him ‘elp, funny boy. He knew his stuff and had us hurtling through all kinds of rapids and waves and drops forwards backwards sideways whilst insisting that the most important thing to do if the raft capsized was to keep smiling.

000_0475 (Large)

Is it a bird, is it a plane…………..

000_0471 (Large)

Soon to be rafting, sans raft!

000_0495 (Large)

Grrr, serious rafting face, must, paddle.

000_0497 (Large)

000_0507 (Large)

000_0521 (Large)

000_0530 (Large)

Spot who’s in control of who gets wet then.

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