Pointe De Ressachaux

Why do people climb mountains? Mainly because they’re there! So it was with the Pointe de Ressachaux, it’s been staring at us all winter season when we’ve been stood on the balcony of the chalet (it’s the isolated peak over to the right). With the sun shining and the lifts not quite open it seemed now was a good time to walk to the top.

Good lord are we not there yet?

As with pretty much all of the routes we’ve been following on the iGN (Institut Geographique National) start of the trail was easy to find and well signposted , the trail then procedeed to go pretty much straight up and continued going staight up for quite a way. Still nothing like getting straight to the point with a path, no switchbacks, no corners just straight up. It all made for some good excersize and glimpses throught the trees back down into the valley until we got to the platuea before the summit peak.

Top looking down

Despite the slightly ominous looking (and sounding) clouds coming our way the sun came out at the top giving as an excellent few back down the path and into the valley.

Going Down

We made the summit in another hour making the whole climb a lesuirely 3.5 hours or so. Maybe not the best walk for continous views but one of those wlaks we had to do just because it was there!

Total Time: approx 5hrs (including lunch!)
Total Height Climbed: 850m
Weather: Sunny 25 Deg C
+ Excellent view from the top
– Unrelenting path
= A challenging walk but with no rewards until right at the top 7/10

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