Pointe De La Vorlaz

Pepsi Max run from the top of the Pointe De La Vorlaz 2346m. Superb off-piste run but the climb is not for the faint hearted!

Started out with a couple of runs through the trees of to the side of the Stash before heading up Le Choucas lift and playing around on the SnowCross for a bit to warm up.

The SnowCross is basically an area that is not pisted but is patrolled, monitored and avalanche controlled, basically off piste but with more of the risks removed.

All limbered up and ready to go we headed to the top of the Cubore ‘up and over’  lift to start the traverse round the South face of the peak  from about 2200m.

DSCN0109 (Large)

At the end of the traverse on the South side getting packed away ready for the climb up the face. Was pretty bare as the wind had removed a lot of the snow leaving ice and really hard clumps of grass, excellent climbing conditions!

DSCN0111 (Large)

Once you come off the face at a small col by the satellite station you turn left up onto the ridge for the last couple of hundred metres.

DSCN0117 (Large)

About halfway it gets pretty narrow and exposed although the footholds are better than on the face.

DSCN0118 (Large)

DSCN0115 (Large)

DSCN0110 (Large)

The last section of the ridge leading up to the summit.

DSCN0120 (Large)

The top! And no it’s not trick photography and I’m not a midget, Craig is huge. The descent is all down a North face back towards the Lindaret bowl. No pictures as I was far to busy enjoying all the fantastic snow.