Nespresso Coffee in all our Chalets

We’ve teamed up with Nespresso to offer top quality Nespresso coffee in both our chalets and in the apartment. For the uninitiated Nespresso takes the ‘normal’ coffee ritual to a whole new level with  16 Grands Crus to choose from plus limited edition coffees.

Each coffee comes with a intensity guide and tasting notes which might seem a bit over the top until you’ve actually tried it for yourself. Pre-first lift expressos have long been a ritual at Mountain Spaces and once you’ve found your favourite (Roma Expresso Intensity 8 in my case) there really is no going back to ‘normal’ expresso, best of all Nespresso coffee is free as part of our catered chalet menus

Nespresso Grand Crus

Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso Coffee Range