Ten minutes with All Mountain Rental

We catch up with Jamie from All Mountain Rental to ask a few frequently asked questions from our guests.

1) There’s loads of ski hire companies in Morzine. What makes All Mountain Rental so different?

Our aim is to provide the best equipment in town, a real step up compared with the other companies. Probably the widest range in Morzine, with the latest skis, boards and boots from the top manufacturers. We back that up with a great  team of ski technicians providing a hassle free delivery and fitting service in your chalets, any changes required during the week are carried out, again we come to you and everything is collected at the end. 

2) We’ve heard of Happy Feet the movie, but what are Super-Feet foot beds exactly?

Superfeet = Happy feet!  Boots are arguably the most important bit of kit to get right and Superfeet orthotic foot beds significantly improve comfort, balance and therefore performance. We consider them the most important part of the boot. In all our adult boots we replace the standard rental footbeds which do absolutely nothing to support the foot with Superfeet blue. These are orthotics which help to stabilise the foot in the boot, reducing any distortion of the foot when loaded up with weight (when walking or skiing). We are the only shop in Morzine installing these in our boots and one of only a few in France. Its expensive to do but it works so is worth every penny. 

3) What factors come into play when someone asks what package they should go for?

To help you progress choosing the right level of kit is important to get the most out of the time on the slopes. As you progress you tend to travel faster, there is more vibration and forces going through the equipment so it needs more advanced materials to help grip while turning. 

Bronze Range
For beginners (first timers or very cautious 2nd timers) we advise our Bronze range. These are softer, forgiving and easier to turn at slow speeds.

Silver Range
For those having done 2 to 5 weeks skiing we would recommend our Silver range, these skis will give confidence as speed picks up allowing you to work on technique.

In the silver range we also have some skis from the previous winters gold range, they are still in great condition but with a few more marks on the top sheet, for those at a good level but on a tighter budget these would be a good option. 

Gold Range
For anyone having done 5 or more weeks we would generally recommend skis from our Gold range. They will inspire confidence at speed giving plenty of grip. These will usually have a carbon or titanium layer to help dampen any vibration and improve torsional rigidity helping you achieve those perfect carved turns on the corduroy!

Finally we have the Platinum range for Expert skiers wanting something very specific to the current conditions.

4) So what is the Platinum package all about?

Our platinum range is made up of what we believe are the top skis available in each specific category. The best of the best!

The best piste skis for high speed cruising, the best All mountain skis for combined piste and some off piste and the top freeride and powder skis. For those who want the ultimate thrill on the mountain these are for you.

5) How often is your rental kit serviced?

Our kit is fully serviced after each rental, even if its only one day.  Boots and helmets are sanitised with ant-bacterial spray and dried. Ski and board bases are repaired as required, we have have the latest base repair guns in our workshop which allows us to use high quality P-Tex (base material) and achieve the best possible bond with the base. The bases are flattened on our machine and the edges are ground to ensure they are sharp and smooth. Finally an eco friendly wax is applied with heat and polished. All this ensures a perfect glide and maximum grip.

6) How often do you replace your kit (boots/ski’s/boards)?

We replace our kit very regularly, The higher end equipment is replaced most regularly as it has the most use and that use is often harder. Platinum is typically replaced every year as is Gold. Silver we usually keep for 2 years and Bronze for 3. Boots are typically either new at the start of the season or no more than one seasons use. This is important as beyond 2 seasons the liner foam is packed out and the boots are not as comfortable. Most of our helmets are renewed each season.

7) How often do you deliver? What if my flight is delayed?

We aim to deliver within half an hour of the guests arrival, we are very flexible and if you are delayed will do everything possible to ensure you have the equipment in good time for any ski school lessons. Flight delays are common, we are used to working round these and always get the job done!

8) How does the ordering process work, and what if i need to change anything? (Pre-arrival and after a day or so???)

Our online booking service is easy to use and allows us to choose the right equipment without being under pressure with a shop full of people. The binding settings are made in the shop and double checked and signed off, this ensures accuracy and correct settings. Our technicians will be able to make adjustments in the chalet for those with their own boots or who wish to change the boots we give them. All this pre selecting and setting of equipment allows us to spend more time on the fit in the chalet to ensure the boots are correctly fitted for each guest. Bookings can be made right up to the arrival date but it is preferable to book as far ahead as possible to allow us to prepare and offer a better service. Once a booking is made ammendments can be made online up to 5 days before arrival, after that guests will need to phone us with any changes as the orders will already have been printed off. If during the course of the stay a guest wishes to change anything they just need to let their chalet host know or call us direct at the shop and we will take care of it.

9) What do I need to do to get a job with you?

You just need to supply me with the door code for the Mountain Spaces wine cellar and job’s yours!