Mountain Restaurants in Morzine | La Crapahute

Mark Dalton and his restaurant, La Crapahute are a local legend and must be the most characterful of the mountain restaurants in Morzine. Nestled just at the bottom of the skiable part of the Valley De La Manche Mark’s restaurant is available for group bookings in the evenings during the winter for a mon of 10 people. We took a group of 20 staff and friends of Mountain Spaces up for the evening towards the end of the season.

Getting to the restaurant is a 20min walk up from the end of the cleared road and you can hear the restaurant before you can see it (I won’t spoil the actual surprise). It’s not to far to go with kids and gets the appetite going ready for dinner.

Dinner is a simple but tasty affair with Savoyard specialities the only dishes on the menu, and I have to say one of the best potato gratins I have ever had. Mark’s a great host full of stories, games and tricks, including going to find two of our group who got lost on the way up on the snowmobile.


Dinner time!


Liv and Carla from Mountain Spaces


That’s an egg Mark (in the red) is about to throw into the fondue pot via the ceiling to mop up the last of the cheese.




Mark and Rupert the bear at the bar


No caption will do this justice, book for yourselves and go and see.


Cheaper and considerably more dangerous than a sledge on the way home.

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