Mind over Matter: SE Asian Cycling Challenge

I met Tommo at a friends wedding last year sharing best man and usher duties, as always, intentions of keeping in contact with new found acquaintances never quite make it past adding each other on Facebook. That is, until I kept seeing Mind of Matter: SE Asian Cycling Challenge, 2 guys, 2 bikes and 2000 miles keep coming up on Tommo’s newsfeed.

Any plan involving bikes and adventure is always going to get me interested and Tommo and Morgan’s plan is a cracker. The two of them have booked themselves and their bikes flights to Vietnam with intention of riding 2000 miles in 20 days to Singapore raising money for Mind, the mental health charity.

Mind over Matter: SE Asia Cycling Challenge

Tommo and Morgans Virgin Money Giving page

Mind, the mental health charity

For those of you whose maths is a little rusty thats 100 miles a day, or the equivalent of riding from London to Brighton (or pretty much round Lake Geneva!)….and back again……every day……for 20 days. I just had a quick look at my Strava profile and riding 3 times a week I only clocked up 1600km (just over 1000 miles) in an entire summer!! These boys deserve some respect for taking this on.

We think they deserve all the support they can get. So as kindred cycling and adventure spirits, here at Mountain Spaces we’ll be supporting Tommo and Morgan over the next few months in the build up to the 24th March, when they fly out.

On the day of their departure we’ll be riding a full lap of Lake Geneva (just over 100miles, the distance they’ll be covering every day) in a show of cycling solidarity and a Mountain Spaces ‘Bon Voyage’

Mind over Matter: SE Asian Cycling Challenge
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Virgin Money Giving page

In their own words here’s a little more about their plans.

What are we doing?

On 24th March, 2015, we (Morgan and Tom) will fly out of Heathrow bound for Hanoi, Vietnam, with bicycles in tow. From there we have until April 17 to make it to Singapore – and we have to make it; our flights are non-transferrable. This means that we will be pedalling our way through various cities, jungles and mountains covering a total of 5 countries and 2000miles. This means that through the +30C heat and, on average, 90% humidity we will need to cover an average of 100 miles a day for the 20 days that we plan on being on the road. That’s essentially the same as riding from London to Birmingham every day, just much, much warmer!

Tommo and Morgan. Cycling Challenge
Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Why ever not! Ok, yes does seem like a little bit on the optimistic side but we are doing it for a very good cause. All money raised from this little masochistic adventure will go directly to the mental health charity, Mind. We are both extremely passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues in society and we felt the need to really push the boundaries in order to do so.

We are both also of the very strong belief that having goals and motivations, coupled with a health lifestyle, are key components of mental well-being. We have both suffered from mental health issues over the last few yeares and we are now using our experiences to not only raise money but as a way of encouraging people who’ve suffered in similar ways to take up sport as a way of helping maintain a particular focus that may help them take the next steps in their lives.

So what will we be doing at Mountain Spaces?

We’ll be supporting Tommo and Morgan with a donation as well as helping them raise awareness through: literature and merchandise in our chalets, sharing their progress here on our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll also be asking if our guests if they would like to support their effort through donations to their Virgin Money Giving page and donations for Mountain Spaces goodies.

We’ll be following their progress and sharing their epic journey over the next few months.

Good luck chaps!


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