Lifts are go!

A visit from acouple of friends from blighty marked the right time to dust of the bike and fortunately not have to ride to the top because the lifts were open, woo hoo!

Last time I rode the down hill trails was on an 8″ travel downhill bike so taking the hardtail out was an experience especially as the wet white stuff makes riding a bike tricky and I was seriously out of practice. A couple of runs in though and everything started working again (something about not being able to forget how to ride a bike)

The Chavannes run in Les Gets is seriously good fun even on a hard tail, there are smooth lines round a lot of the berms if you look for them and the lower half from the jump park onwards is so smooth and flowy it made no difference being on a hard tail at all.

The Pleney run was pretty rough on the hardtail but still excellent fun, more rough then braking bums which seems to be not quite so bad as the bumbs aren’t regular.

Anyway here’s a selction of pics from our non-resident photogrpaher.





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