Learning to Ski Part 1 | Skiing in Morzine

6 seasons living in the mountains and we both still love our snowboarding but the time has definitely come to learn to ski properly. One it’s just nice to be able to do both, ski and board, perfect skiing conditions aren’t necessarily perfect boarding conditions so you can pick and choose and secondly our little girl will start learning to ski at the end of next season and we want to be able to keep up!

So for any of our guests coming out who are beginners and are wondering how you’ll get on this should be a good introduction to how easy (or not) it is to pick up skiing. We’ll do a post after each lesson for the next few weeks and let you know how we get on!

Step 1: Skis

First stop was All Mountain Rental our one stop shop for ski hire in Morzine, these are the same guys we recommend for all our guests and with good reason, friendly, helpful, good equipment and reasonably priced.



Morzine Ski Hire

Step 2: Lessons

We’ve worked with Easy2Ride in Morzine for the last 5 years with great feedback from all of our guests so why go anywhere else. We opted for a 2hr private lesson to get us started as we’re quite limited on time in the winter, one quick phone call to Louise in the office and we were set.

IMG_0775 IMG_0771

The meeting point for our lesson was the top of the Pleney tele-cabine. Having met our instructor Max we set off around the Nabor and Belvedere lifts on the easy blues. We’ve both put skis on before but never had any proper instruction so it was good to get into the proper stance and habits from the get go.

It’s cheating slightly as we\re both used to chair lifts, sliding on snow etc from boarding, but we were both past snowploughing and starting to make cautious parallel turns after about half an hour or so. Max was excellent, patient, friendly and really clear with his instruction.

We didn’t venture any further than the top of the Pleney plateau but by the end of the lesson Kate had conquered the steepest part of the run and I was starting to get the hang of carving the downhill ski through a turn (as long as the slope wasn’t too steep).


A quick blast down Piste B to end and a trip to the Easy2Ride office to say thank you and book in for another lesson same time next week as we enjoyed it so much!! We already recommend these guys anyway but if you’re looking for Morzine ski lessons you really can’t go wrong with these guys.

IMG_0783 IMG_0773 IMG_0772