First Time Road Biking

Want to know what it’s like road biking in around some of the classic climbs and routes in the Alps, read on!

I was a complete beginner to road biking at the start of this summer, having clocked up around 1500km and 43,000m of elevation on the new steed over the season hopefully I can shed a bit of light on what road biking in and around Morzine is like for the complete beginner and for the slightly more seasoned pros.

So, this is what sparked the whole idea, a 70’s classic steel steed sat in my brothers garage collecting dust and only dug out because he was moving to Australia, I thought I’d take if for a quick spin to see if I’d like the idea of road biking.Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.19.20

I’m used to heavy downhill dikes that don’t liven up until you’re doing 20mph in the woods so getting on something with tyres this thin for the first time is enough to scare the c^&* out of anyone.

Despite slightly crap gears, bent forks, the frame being to big for me, non existent front brakes and a hideous colour scheme I was hooked instantly, which led to a brief but pricey visit to Chain Reaction Cycles!

Shiny new toy from Chain Reaction Cycles

I’d been reliable informed by road biking friends that buying a road bike with a ‘triple’ front chain ring (basically more gears to make life easier while you’re getting fit) was not really the done thing and they pointed me in the direction of the Velominati and the Rules.

There’s no point trying to write a description of the Rules, it’s much more entertaining to have a quick read. For a quick summary:

Choice of my bike without the ‘easy’ gears options – see Rule #5
Should I buy a new bike – see Rule #12

Cube Peleton Compact Double 2013 Road BikeThe Machine, pictured with the second most important part of road biking after the bike, weapons grade expresso.

It is pretty hard to over state how good the riding around Morzine is, I’m going to cover some of the routes individually to do them justice, but I’ve been working through this list as a good start Les Cols et Montées remarquables de Haute Savoie.Col de la Joux Verte

So far I’ve ticked off six of the big climbs which I don’t think is bad for a first summer on the bike. The hills have been difficult to start with but riding 2-3 times a week the progress comes pretty quickly. I’ll finish with

Rule #10 – It never gets easier,you just go faster.

Lac Annecy on a Road Bike


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