Activities in Morzine | Snow Scooters

For our staff days out we’re always looking for new activities in Morzine, in March we decided to go snow scootering. Quite a few of our guests have been and we’ve never had the chance. The circuit runs every evening during the season and you can drive your own scooter or go two’s up with a friend (no guarantee you’ll still be friends when you’ve finished though). You drive around the tunnel leading to Avoriaz from the Serausiax lift and the area around the flatter section of the Prolay lift.

The groups normally split into a fast and slow group so there’s no pressure to keep up and the session usually lasts a couple of hours in total. Children over 10 can accompany an adult and you can book o go as a passenger with an instructor if you don’t fancy driving (it’s quite physical!)

As with most activities in Morzine you can book through the Morzine Tourist Office or directly with Avoscoot Morzine. It takes place a little way up the Route de Avoriaz which does mean you’ll need a taxi or a car to get up and down but Avoscoot can arrange that for you when you book.





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